Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer Word Art FREEBIE!

First, go check out this post.

Do it before July 8th, 2009.

That's only if you'd like a chance at winning a $250 gift card.

Otherwise, just ignore it.


Ok, now that you've got that out of your system, let's go onto a freebie!

We just had our first heat wave.  95 degree weather in April.  For three days we sweltered.  And sweated. It was too hot too sleep.  Too hot to cook.

But, let me tell you . . . there is NOTHING better than sucking on a popsicle and dipping your toes in the kiddie pool during the worst heat of the day!

And it inspired me to make these.  Six pieces of word art and a grassy green background.


Click HERE to download them.

Let me know if you like 'em or just leave a comment saying hello!

Then let's sit back and dream of beautiful summer days!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl's Knit Tank Top Pattern

I had a couple requests for the pattern that I used to make this:


So, here it is!  This pattern is knitted in the round.  Except for first four rounds.  Then it is split into flat knitting at the armhole.  The back and the front are the same.  Except the front is where I worked the straps.  I then grafted the straps to the back.  You can also bind off and seam.  Explained below!

Girl's Knit Tank Top
(approximately size 6)

Cotton Blend Yarn (3 balls)
(I used eco-cotton, 75% cotton, 25% acrylic)
Size 6 circular needles
Stitch Holders

Sorry, no gauge.  I had her try it on every 10-20 rounds to make sure it was heading in the right direction though!

Cast on 180 stitches.
Knit first four rounds flat.  (Or, if you want, you can do this in a seed stitch, instead of knitting, to mimic the pattern in the bodice.  There is a note below on seed stitch.)

*Tip.  Do not try to join the first round.  It's virtually impossible to cast on 180 stitches and start knitting in the round, on circular needles, and NOT have twisted stitches.  Believe me.  I would do 8-10 rows before realizing how twisted things were and would have to rip it all out and try again.  More than once.    Then I found the tip to knit the first four rounds flat.  That gives the piece enough weight so you can, carefully, check that nothing is twisted before joining!  You will have to later seam up those four rows but that is very easy compared to ripping things out three times!

After row 4, join in the round and knit each round until piece measures 10 inches or so. (rows 4-60)

Shape Yoke
*k1, K2tog* repeat around (120 stitches)
*k18, K2tog* repeat around (114 stitches)

Note: in the following row, I placed markers every 20 stitches.  (the last section had 14 stitches) It just helped me keep count when doing this series of stitches.  I also painted the marker that marked the end of my round pink with nail polish so it would be obvious when I had made the round. This isn't necessary, but I found it helped.

Continue knitting in a seed stitch (knit one, perl one; next round perl one, knit one) until yoke is about 2.5 inches or so.  (About 20 rows.)

(For those that don't know the seed stitch, it's a pattern of knit one, perl one.  Then in the next row or round, you do the opposite.  So perls are on top of knit and knits are on top of perls.  It gives the pattern you see here at the top of the tank.  The top is seed, the bottom is the knitting in the round that is stockinette stitch.)


Shape Armhole
Bind off first 8 stitches and continue in seed for 49 stitches. Place those 49 stitches on a holder or a scrap of yarn.

Bind off next 8 stitches and knit 49 stitches in seed.

Now, working flat in seed. (see note below) Decrease 1 stitch at the end of row. 6 times. (37 stitches)

(Note: when you switch to flat, instead of in the round, pay attention to be sure you have the opposite stitch above each stitch.  It's easy to see once you have the pattern going, so don't worry!)

Work until yoke measures 4.5 inches or so. (14 more rows)

Shape Neck.
Knit 6 in seed and slip to a holder.  This will be one of the straps.
Bind off 25.
Knit last 6 stitches, in seed.  Work in seed stitch on 6 stitches for tie for about 7" (63 rows).

Before ending, this is a good point, to try on your model.  See if the straps seem long enough.  The back will come up the same amount as the front.  If it looks good, Bind off.  Unless you are feeling brave enough to try the kitchner stitch then slip onto holder.

Pick up other 6 and knit on those 6 stitches for 63 rows. Bind off or, again, slip on holder if you are feeling brave.

Finish Back
Pick up back 49 stitches.
Working flat just like the front.
Knit in seed stitch, decreasing 1 stitch at the end of each row 6 times. (37 stitches)

Work until yoke measures 4.5 inches or so. (14 rows)

Bind off all stitches unless you are feeling brave.  Then, seed stitch first 6 stitches and slip on holder.  Bind off middle 25.  Seed stitch last 6 and slip to holder.

If you bound off straps, sew straps from front to back.  If you left the stitches live, graft 6 stitches from front to their corresponding side on the back. (I won't even attempt to explain this stitch.  I watched this video by the Knit Witch on youtube and followed along with her step by step!)

Weave in loose ends and seam up those first four rows.

Put on model and ask her to twirl!