Sunday, June 1, 2008

About Me!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Beth. A mom, a wife, and a learning photographer, knitter, and whatever else catches my eye!

Just like all moms, I'm finding that the time goes by WAY too fast. And some days I feel like I get so wrapped up in the utter nonsense that I'm missing the best parts. I'm doing my absolute best to enjoy every second of it. But somedays . . . well . . . it's just hard.

So, I'm doing my best. My best to find the joy in every day and to choose happy over all the other alternatives. Sure, there are hard times and bad times. But I want to remember how I got through them, not how they defeated me.

Here you will find my musings as I try to find that joy and happiness. Even when it's tough. Also a few digital scrapbook freebies as I have time to create them, some tutorials on design and general Photoshop tips, some knitting, an occasional contest, and the rest of my blatherings.

Feel free to comment and give me suggestions! I love your stories and opinions. It's what brings me back to the computer to blog and to create new freebies.

Come back often or, better yet, sign up for a reader and you'll know as soon as I update!

Thanks and take care!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ash said...

Oh Bethy I like the new look!! I know all your new readers will come to love your blog just as much as I do!`