Friday, June 20, 2008

Bethy's Tutorial: Journaling as an Artistic Element (Part 3)

(Check out Parts 1 and 2)

Do you have just one line or a small paragraph? Can it echo the lines of your layout? Border it? Follow the photo? If you have one line of long text, you can almost treat it like a ribbon, snaking across your layout.

Jill borders her picture here with her journaling. By framing the photo with her journaling, it becomes an artistic part of it. Your eye stays right on Keith!


It's just a list of Chris's favorite books but by using that list to border the layout, Tara compliments the horizontal straight lines at the bottom.


The length of the journaling, the emotion of the journaling, the importance of the readability, are all things to consider and can help you determine what sort of "element" your journaling will become.

Just remember, journaling is part of you. There is no right or wrong. Get the words down and the rest will flow from there!

Here are a few other examples . . . 
(Mee Maw by Elizabeth Weaver, layout by Beth Nixon)

(Corgi Lover)

(Corgi Lover)







End of Part 3

*note: for credits and full-size looks at most of the layouts, click to see them in the user's gallery at DSP.

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