Friday, June 20, 2008

Bethy's Tutorial: Journaling as an Artistic Element (Part 2)

(Check out Part 1 HERE)

Is the journaling short and to the point? Then you might need just a small area or a tag. Keep that small space in mind when you are placing your elements. Where could you tuck it in to continue good design concepts and keep it an essential part of your layout?

This layout by Sharon is a good example. She knew she wanted to include the lyrics. It didn't need a lot of room, but by using the rule of thirds and putting her photo and her delicious garden on the left, she left a column, just big enough for her lyrics. And by changing the background behind the words, it weights it just a bit to the right, balancing those heavy flowers with her lyric section.


Or this one by Jenni (willjenni). She needed room for here title and her few lines of journaling. But didn't want to take the focus off the simply heart warming photo. By concentrating on where the focal part of the layout lays, on the left, and blending beautifully the right side, she was able to find a perfect place to put the journaling.


Here's another one by Chris (gundimom) that is the perfect artistic placement of just a little text. Her text mirrors the long line of the pole and emphasizes the story she is trying to tell in her layout.


What about fonts?

For long journaling, keep it simple. Clean, read-able. For shorter sections or big fonts, get crazy!! This is one of my favorite layouts. The layout was conceived with the journaling, the tape, and the fonts in mind. It was about both the photo and the journaling. They words had to be their own element to emphasize the story behind the package.

(elements of Stacey Jewel Stahl)

And this one by Julia (webfrau). By using so many fonts she emphasizes the story she's telling. It's no longer just the words. The visual impact of the journaling tells the story as well.


End of Part 2
see Part 3)

*note: for credits and full-size looks at the layouts, click to see them in the user's gallery at DSP.

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