Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Keep Up With All These Blogs!

Blogs. Good golly there are a lot of them out there. And A LOT that I love to read when ever they update. But, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up. I was bookmarking and checking on them every few days but then I would miss things or waste time looking at blogs that haven't updated.

And for us beginners, trying to figure this all out can be overwhelming. So, I thought I'd put together a little something to you started on keeping up with them all!

Many of you are expert bloggers. And you understand this all much better than me. But if you are new to trying to keep up with them and want to start following more blogs (like mine! LOL), then you need a reader!!

I use google reader. I switched to as my home page and life has never been easier. You can add widgets for your email, a reader to update you with all those blogs, a calendar, to do list, weather and so much more!

But we're all about the blog right now. For me, is the way to go. Sign up. Then you'll see a link that says "Add Subscription". Add the blog you want to follow, let's say mine,, and every time I update, it'll show up in your reader! You won't have to check your bookmarks or remember to check them at all. The reader does it all for you.

Plus it's concise. I subscribe to about 50 blogs. It takes me minutes a day to go through the ones that have updated! And I don't miss a thing.

Some of my favorite blogs are:
She's funny, sweet, has GREAT give aways, and even better photos!
Always something new to learn about digital photography!
Seeing these photoshop disasters doesn't get much funnier!
Andrea's Buzzing About . . . she's just smart and funny. I've garnered great insight on how to think about my son as we go through the process of trying to help him.

But why even blog or subscribe to someone else's blog?? You know, that confused me for a long time. I'm still figuring out facebook (add me if you're on!) but blogging is, for me, about connecting. I share my little stories and thoughts. And the comments of people sharing my pain, my laughter, my joy. It's a way of connecting. Of us all putting on our sparkly shoes and sharing the joy of life. At least that's why I enjoy them!

Why do you blog? What makes you read someone else's blog? What are your favorite blogs? Tell me all about what you love!

Beth Nixon
"I'm choosing happy!"


Anitza said...

I read you through livejournal which is where I keep my journal. I started in 2002, I believe. Livejournal is much more community oriented with a "flist" - friends list - that you can keep up with on a day to day (minute to minute?!) basis. So I made a syndication account for your blog which is how I read your posts. Because of the community features, you can filter your posts to certain people (or only for yourself).

I blog because I have a terrible memory and I want to be able to look back and remember. Also to connect with my friends about anything and everything.

Pcisneros1 said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THAN YOU! For all the great info!! I have a freebie on my blog in case your interested. My way of thanking you

Nani said...

Thank you for the tip with google reader! II have blogs bookmarked, but like you, now it's too many to keep up with. I blog a lot and I don't bog every day, so a lot of my stops aren't updated either. I use igoogle anyway, so I'm definitely adding the reader!

Why I blog has almost as many answers as why I scrap! Mostly it’s because I’m a people person and also a Leo with a Leo ego. I think I like to feel like I have a strong net presence. I like to write and I like to entertain. I also do freebie kits to “give back” for the freebies I download. I just like being connected with people.

I’m adding your log first to my new reader! I’ll definitely be back!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all!

Muma said...

I keep up with you via igoogle. Its my home page and I can instantly see if you have posted anything. Great way to keep up to date.

I'd miss you too much if I didn;t do this LOL

Those that dont have a reader I subscribe to so I get an email telling me if a new post has arrived.

loonyhiker said...

I also use google reader. I have tried other "readers" but I find google reader the easiest to use. I really like it now that I have learned the keyboard shortcuts that the others didn't have. I also found out that if I have someone's gmail address and add them as a contact, I can share with them information from my google reader. If anyone wants to add me to their gmail contact, I'm successfulteaching at gmail dot com.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the tips!!

Liz McCoy said...

I read blogs for many reasons but one reason i read personal blogs is to get that connection...I feel like I get to know my online friends better than just through limited emails or what they posts on the sites I visit.

Most of the time on their blog they'll post more of the every day occurrences, when they may only send out an email for those big announcements, etc.

oneluckymom said...

Wow Bethy! How smart are you! I just signed up for this! Thanks a bunch!

GrammyFran said...

Edit: I posted this with the wrong topic, so had to delete it and move it here. :o So here goes, again. :)

Thanks so much, Bethy. Your generosity with your work and ideas is greatly appreciated. I've just changed my home page from DSP to iGoogle and signed up for the blog reader. Although I've made a lot of friends at DSP, I'm not happy with some of what they're doing and have decided to back off a bit, get some scrapping done, and explore the online world a bit more. Thanks for all the links, and I love your little boy video. Well done.